Ways to Work On Your Business, Instead of In It

If you’re a business owner you’ve likely worn every hat by now — and by “now” we mean today. You’ve replied to the Instagram DM’s, fixed the website glitch, got back to the wholesale inquiry and it’s not even breakfast yet! However, it’s so important for business owners to have the space to work on their business instead of just in their business. Why? Because when space is created to work on your vision and dream about the future of your company, that’s where the magic can happen.

So how to make the space for your creative genius or get reinspired after a creative drought? There are a few tips up our sleeves.

1. Delegate

We’re not going to spend much time on this one because if you’re a frequent Printed Mint blog reader, you know we can write about the power of delegating ‘til the cows come home! We’ll just link to our blog post on outsourcing here and remind you that when you take seemingly small (or large!) tasks off your plate, you create room for your creativity to breathe. Those 20 minutes here and there on the phone coordinating markets might not seem like much, but trust us, they add up!

2. Write Morning Pages

We got this idea after diving into Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way and would recommend it in a heartbeat! The idea is that first thing in the morning you write whatever is on your mind without stopping — a massive brain dump with no expectations. It doesn’t have to be pretty, it just allows you to get everything that you wake up thinking about down on paper so you have more space for new ideas to flow.

3. Shake Things Up

Do things a little differently! Take a new class like fiction writing or pottery. Make a commitment to take a new direction on your walk every other day. Call a friend and see if they want to take a day trip once a month and wander through a new town writing down sites you see that inspire you. When you shake things up and do things differently than before, you allow newness to seep in and energize you in a way it maybe hasn’t before!

Tell us: Have you made the commitment to work on your business and not just in it? What does that look like for you?

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