Tips for Transitioning Back to the Workplace

Vaccines are happening, COVID numbers are growing smaller and that means a whole host of things but the one we’re talking about today? The fact that more of us are packing our lunch boxes once more and headed back to the office! Though getting to see coworkers again and wear something other than pajama pants every once and a while is exciting, it can also bring up feelings of anxiety. If you’re nodding your head with an enthusiastic “yes” we understand and that’s why today we wanted to share two things we think it’s vital to do as a business owner.

1. Get Feedback

One thing we strongly suggest doing is creating a simple Google Form and anonymously surveying employees to see where they’re at. Ready to dive back in full throttle? Would they prefer their desk distanced a little further than usual? Are they anxious and is there anything that would make them feel safer in your work environment? How about external pandemic factors? Do they now need their hours to be more flexible or to come in a little later than before? This can be a great way to gather that helpful data.

2. Keep Tabs

Second, keep tabs on your employees and don’t just assume everything is peachy after that initial data collection. Make sure to have one-on-one meetings (and if your team is too big for that, make sure your employees are having one-on-ones with their dedicated managers) on a biweekly or monthly basis at minimum so you can gauge what’s working and what’s not. Happy employees are a key to a thriving business and we never lose sight that it’s our colleagues that make our workplace the joyful, well-oiled machine that it is!

Tell us: What will you be doing to help make the transition back to the workplace easier?

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