How to Use Instagram Reels

By now, you’ve probably seen many people on your Instagram feed participate in their latest feature, Reels. What are Instagram Reels? In a nutshell, they’re super short videos that allow you to show more of your personality using audio and special effects. Fun! Right? However, though you may have super enjoyed watching others, at first you may find yourself perplexed wondering, “How can we use this to best showcase our brand and business?” 

That’s exactly why today, we’re diving into how you can use Instagram Reels — without having to add three extra hours to your day. 

1. Post Product Reviews

Why not let content that is already created do the work for you? Share product reviews along with the products to show off items you’re looking to fly off the shelves! Voila. 

2. The Day-to-Day

Use Reels as a way to show off the day-to-day business of your company. Have any behind the scenes designing that you can give your audience a sneak peek to? How about a team meeting where you can have different employees introduce themselves? Get creative and show off the real you!

3. Host a Q&A

In your Stories or Grid ask your audience to submit any questions they may have and then answer them in a Reel or two! Remember, creating this doesn’t have to be an everyday thing — once or twice a week to start will help diversify your content and likely up engagement.

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