How to Turn Off Work When Working From Home

How to Turn Off Work When Working From Home

With COVID cases rising across the US it’s no secret that more of us folks who would typically work in an in-office setting or brick and mortar shop are putting in more hours working from home. But how does one turn-off work mode + turn-on “at home” mode when their laptop station is set-up mere steps away from the living room? 

Here are a few ideas that have helped us:

1. Take a Lap

After shutting down your computer + answering that last customer inquiry, take a walk outdoors. Enjoy listening to a podcast, calling a friend or just roaming your neighborhood with zero distractions + taking in the fresh air — remember what that feels like? Let yourself take deep breaths and come back rejuvenated + ready for a night at home with your loved ones (or that super good Chinese takeout you’ve been craving).

2. Delete Apps

Take off apps that induce “work mode” from your phone or iPad. Instagram, Shopify, and yes, this includes email! There is no reason that your work email should be on your phone. Make way for Words With Friends and leave that quick note to be answered in the morning. It can wait. We promise!

3. Cook a Meal

Another way we love to wind down is to get lost in cooking a meal. The step-by-step instructions don’t allow room for focusing on random tasks or missives from throughout your day and the end product is, well, delicious! May we suggest this roast beef tenderloin from Half Baked Harvest?

Tell Us: How do you wind down?

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