How to stand out this Mother's Day

Using stats to help your business blossom this May

Mother's Day by the Numbers

Studies show that now, more than ever, people are spending big bucks on Mother's day. And this year, 84% of buyers are looking for unique gifts that create special memories. As a Print on Demand company, this is your chance to seize the moment. 

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44% of buyers value finding a gift that's unique or different. 40% value gifts that create special memories. Survey results from 7,818 participants. Source: Statista, 2021

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Buyers today spend nearly twice what they spent in 2007 on Mother's Day. Survey results from 7,818 participants. Source: Statista, 2021

Americans will spend over $28 billion on their moms this year. This is an opportunity to capture the market by advertising your unique gift ideas. Here are some tips for upping your mother's day game.

Personalize your products

As a Print on Demand retailer, you can personalize without producing waste. This gives your company a leg up over big box retailers. Try providing products customizable with kids' names, pet pics, or mom's favorite celebrities or TV shows. Your mom will love the extra thought!

Think Outside the box

Address specific, undervalued aspects of motherhood. Think, helping an adult child set up their first apartment, babysitting the neighbor's kids during a playdate, or those peaceful minutes after the kids finally  fall asleep. How can you let these moments inspire mother's day memorabilia? 

Don't be afraid to expand your definition of "mom." The moms we celebrate on Mother's Day can be dog moms, teachers, foster moms, or even plant moms.

Market Your product as an experience
40% of buyers want to buy mom an experience this Mother's Day.  Receiving a gift should be an experience! Share content of mom reacting to her new mug, cooking with her new apron, or hanging her new wall art. This is where ordering samples can be handy: you can make content with the actual product (and have a bonus gift for mom!)

Don't forget your branding
Think about the role moms play in your brand's specific niche. For example, if your niche is "vegans," maybe you could make a shirt that says "plant-powered super mom."  Remember, all of your products should align with your current branding. Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to attract new loyal customers.

People are investing in their moms this year. By providing unique gifts for your customers, you're helping them make memories with some of the most important people in their lives.

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