How to Set Yourself Up For Success Going Into Q4

It goes without saying that 2020 likely isn’t working out quite the way you thought it would. Many of us had big goals for our businesses this year — goals that seemed to rely heavily on each quarter doing what it should — but, like many things in life, there was a major curveball. First off, congratulations! You’re still a business owner, sticking with it and doing big things. We’ve seen our Printed Minters get dealt a not-so-delightful hand and we’ve also seen them rise to the occasion; many bigger and more creative than ever! And with all of this unforeseen change comes good news. Yes, good news! 

What is it? The fact that the year isn’t over yet, and you can still make serious strides in Quarter 4! 

Need a little boost to get you on-track for a successful quarter? These are some of the ways we’re preparing to knock the end of the year out of the park. 

1. Holding Larger Team Meetings

We hold meetings fairly often, but when it comes to Quarterlies, we get all hands on deck! Two brains are better than one and three are better than two and...well, you get the picture. In this meeting we go over all of the goals we went in wanting to achieve and 1) Assess if it still aligns with our current mission and 2) How we can achieve it using methods we may not have dreamt up before. Usually someone has an incredible idea that even works out better than the first! And if it doesn’t? No harm done. We move on, recalibrate and celebrate what we did achieve by trying something new.

2. Allocate Time Correctly

Time has been a blur lately and things that might have previously taken a few hours may now take a full day + things that may have taken a few hours may only take mere minutes if the process has changed. All that to say: Make sure your team is sitting down, assessing the big goals, turning them into smaller deliverables and then making sure they actually have the hours in the day for them!

This one may seem obvious to some, but it’s a common mishap. Don’t let yourself slip on the banana peel of time! 

3. Regularly Check-In

We’ve talked about it before around these parts, so we won’t drone on, but remember that it’s okay (and much of the time necessary!) to pivot. Set regular check-ins up with yourself and your team to determine if something’s working and if it’s not what you’ll do to either get back on track or restructure your current goal. 

And remember, no matter what happens, we have each other’s backs. 

Tell Us: Do you feel ready for Q4?

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