How to Set Goals for 2021

If you’ve been around Printed Mint for any amount of time, you know that we’re big on goals. We set them every year, reverse engineer using our trusty method, and celebrate big once they’re completed. Another favorite competent? We love to help our Printed Minters achieve their goals — no matter what the size! — too. However, 2020 was the year where many of us had to sit down, get clear on what needed to happen during these unprecedented times and shake things up a bit! While all's well that ends well, we thought we’d take a more creative approach this following year so that no matter what the pivot looks like, we still have a morsel of normalcy. Want to hear our ideas out too? Here’s what we’re doing…

1. We’re Setting a Theme for the Year

Instead of creating one reach-for-the-stars goal, we’re setting a theme for the year that we can make sure we’re aligned with each and every day. For example, if you felt team morale was down this year, your theme might be energy — for re-invigorating your employees and yourself. If you want to get closer to your audience + really show-up in your marketing efforts this year, your word might be “connection.”

2. Setting Goals by Quarter

We typically create a few goals that we’d like to have done by the end of the year and then we create stepping stones each quarter to make sure that goal is achieved. While that method has always worked for us in the past, we want to do things different this year and set goals exclusively by quarter. With the business landscape changing as much as it has this year, we think this keeps morale high and eyes on the prize.

3. Don’t Forget Personal Aspirations

A big thing we’re focusing on is making sure our business goals align with our personal aspirations for the year as well, and encouraging our team to think the same. This also is a huge help when it comes to mapping out your strategy for achievement as well. As an example, if your goal is to spend more time online working on your IG Lives but your personal goal is to be unplugged by 6pm every night, you’ll have to be extra mindful and schedule them for times that are earlier in your day. Of course you can be flexible, but this is a nice practice!

Tell us: What do you think your theme of the year will be?

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