How to Create a Passive Income Stream

We were having a conversation the other day and someone mentioned that shop owners find it hard to pursue a passive income stream since they’re so focused on their products — both creating and selling. And sure, we acknowledge that it might not be the first thing on our minds, but it should be far from the last! If you’re asking yourself, “What even is a passive income stream and how can I create one?” You’re in the right place.

First things first, a passive income stream is a stream of income that could make money without you ever having to hop on an intake call, answer an inquiry email, or even be awake! You create something once, publish it, determine how you’ll market the product and release it into the world for people to buy. 

But what can you specifically do? Today we focus on one suggestion (though there are many if this doesn’t tickle your fancy!) and that’s an online course. Think about what you know that people might be interested in. A few ideas…

  • You’ve opened a successful shop! How can someone with similar dreams get started?
  • Perhaps you’re a cross stitch master. Teach others the tricks of the trade. 
  • Instagram is your thing + Reels. Are. Life. for you! How can other business owners create Reels that are easy to produce and still draw their audience in? 

  • Once you have a course idea, sign-up on a website like Teachable or Skillshare that helps you to put your idea into a digestible format (not to mention they have tools that will help make it look #onbrand) and get to creating! The world is your oyster.

    Tell us: What about passive income perplexes you?

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