From Side Hustle to full time gig: The story of Woof and Wonder

How Leda, the founder of Woof and Wonder, built her dog product empire

Leda had been working in her corporate job for nearly a decade when she decided it was time to pursue something more meaningful. Enter Handsome, a jovial French Bulldog that changed Leda’s career trajectory. 

Handsome stole Leda's heart, and she needed to find a way to spend more time with him. She became ingrained in the French Bulldog community and realized pet owners wanted cute, functional accessories. 

“As time passed, I was like, How can I combine the two things I love the most that inspire me and fulfill me the most?” Leda said. “And that's my dog and designing.”


Leda began designing her own dog products in her off-time.

“I said, ‘You know what? What if I just start a little shop? You know, others have done it. I'll just give it a try and see if it works.”

At first, Leda sewed and sold her own dog bandanas, leashes, and collars. As the business took off, it turned into Woof and Wonder, a vibrant dog supply brand. 

Eventually, she discovered Printed Mint. Gone were the days of printing, cutting and sewing every order that came in. 

“I think I was looking for the bandana specifically, and then when I noticed so many products, I was sold,” Leda said. “When they finally arrived, I loved them… The colors that are printed are shockingly beautiful, and the quality of course is just unmatched.”

Woof and Wonder now boasts over 16,000 followers on Instagram, and Leda is approaching year three of full-time entrepreneurship.

“I think the hard part is remembering that your life also exists,” she said. “You know, you have your business, it is part of your life, but you have to go out with friends and family and dinners… And I think I fear that if I take time for myself, my business will suffer.”

Leda emphasized the importance of pushing past those fears and embracing self-care, no matter how swamped you are. One more piece of advice?

“I would say don't immediately jump in and, you know, put yourself in a really scary situation,” Leda said. “If you're currently at a job and you're like, Oh, I don't wanna do this, I wanna start my own business, you still can. You can slowly build it and allow it to naturally blossom.”

You can find Leda’s gorgeous products at
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