5 Things Every Website Should Have

5 Things Every Website Should Have

You have a website for your business where your customers come to shop for your unique (and may we say, gorgeous) products. It’s well-branded using your chosen colors + typography and overall, it’s a happy place on the Internet! That being said, there are a few things often missing from companies websites and that’s what we wanted to feature today — some simple ways you can upgrade your current online digs and make it a more streamlined place for your community.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

1. A Search Bar

Having a search bar available on your website will be wildly helpful to your users. Whether they’re looking for a blog post article you wrote or a product, they should be able to pop a couple of search terms in and find what they’re looking for. Are you equipped for that? If not, searching through these search plug-ins could be a good place to start!

2. An “About” Page

Many shops don’t have an about page because they figure since they offer products as opposed to services, they don’t need one. Think again! Now more than ever it’s important for your business to have a brand story and a place where your customers can come to learn more about the roots of your business. 

3. Responsive Design

Your site looks amazing on desktop, but have you made sure it’s mobile friendly? 79% of smartphone users have made a purchase using their device in the last 6 months. Need we say more? A more responsive design = A higher likelihood folks won’t navigate off your site when they’re ready to buy. 

4. Product Reviews

Our Printed Minters get rave reviews from their customers — we’ve seen them on social media and are so incredibly proud! That being said, make sure you’re also featuring these quips of joy on your website so future customers see that you live up to all of your (well deserved) hype.

5. Shipping Time

If you ship using Printed Mint’s dropshipping service (hooray!) you’ll always have a transparent timeline to place on your site. If not, make sure you establish a timeline for your customers ahead of time and post it on your site so your buyers will know when to expect their items in the mail. Not only is this good practice, it will seriously cut down on those inquiry emails in your inbox!

We want to know: Are any of these missing from your site? Will you add them now? Let us know in the comments!

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