4 Common Shop Owning Myths: Debunked

When you’re deep into the world of product creating, email marketing, market research — the list goes on — it makes it hard to leave time for questioning the validity of common myths often thrown our way in the world of shop-owning. The constant barrage of information can be exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be! Today, we’re diving into four common myths we’ve heard through the grapevine and explaining why there’s more to them than you think.

Myth #1: You Have To Show Up on All Social 

While it’s good to dedicate time to the spaces where your target market hangs out, it is absolutely unnecessary to feel like you have to show up everywhere. With the constant surge of new social media platforms, how is a small business to choose how they split their time between Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok? Instead, choose one where both your audience is spending time + that brings you the most joy and try to be inventive. Your energy is too precious to waste in places that bog you down! 

Myth #2: You Have to Have Tons of Space

Back in the day people used to drone on about how owning a shop (even if it was online) calls for so much space for storage of supplies, shipment tools and product. We’re happy to say that that’s one of the things Printed Mint takes off of your hands! We offer affordable dropship solutions for businesses large + small — completely branded to the company. Bada boom.

Myth #3: You Constantly Have to Change Up The Product Line

*Insert GIF of us shaking our heads back + forth* There is absolutely no reason your company has to constantly reimagine or change-up your product line. In fact, most successful companies we work with have a few products that seem to be the “buyers hits” and maybe add a seasonal product or two when the time comes or experiment with trendy goods when they have the time, money and energy. Don’t force overwhelm onto yourself! Find what your audience likes and build off of that.

Myth #4: You Have to Have a Team Right Away

While we talk a lot about the power of delegating, it’s by no means necessary in order to succeed in every facet of your business. In fact, at first, we recognize that it might be a one-person show! We do recommend that you hire for the roles that constantly leave your batteries on low when you can (and yes, often we take the “leap before you feel ready” approach on this) though as this will create more space in your biz for what you love to do. In the meantime, we have full confidence in you  and the Printed Mint team is always around for Q’s. 

Tell Us: Do you hear blanket statements thrown around that make you scratch your head? Let us know in the comments!

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