3 Ways We’re Keeping Our Energy Up

There’s no need to go over the reasons we’re needing an extra dose of energy right now and from what we can see from our Printed Minters, you all feel the same way! But how do you do things that help the long game + truly fill your cup up? We wanted to pop in today and share a few of the things that have been helping us.

1. Staying Active

Being active has seriously helped our endorphin levels the last few months! Going for a long run or an at-home Pilates workout not sounding like the creme de la creme of a fun time to you? The Class has become a favorite + we also enjoy walking around our neighborhood with our AirPods in. 

2. Meditate

People seem to go on and on about meditation but we’ll let you in on a secret: It’s because it works! Having a regular meditation practice improves anxiety levels,  increases your attention span and increases grey matter in the part of the brain that plays a vital role in things like your ability to learn and memorize. New to the meditation party? Try the Calm app!

3. Take Mood Breaks

Feel yourself hitting a slump at a regular time of the day or day of the week? Schedule in time for mood breaks that can help get your energy back up! For us, that’s dancing around the office with a good Spotify playlist, calling a friend on the phone or watching a funny YouTube video. 

Tell Us: What do you do to keep spirits high?

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