3 Ways to Work On Your Mental Fitness

We’ve all heard about the importance of physical fitness and are bombarded with ideas to run, pick-up a studio pilates class or go an extra mile on our walk every morning daily, and while those are of importance (and physical activity can even help your mental wellbeing!) We hear less about the importance of mental fitness. That’s why today we wanted to touch on a few ways you can work on your mental fitness to reap its rewards: An often clearer, sharper mind and calmer state of being. 

1. Focus

Focus. Meaning, don’t multitask on your emails while you’re in a meeting while daydreaming about what you’ll have for lunch when all of this is over with. Focusing on one task at a time allows your brain more space to process. In fact, research summarized by the American Psychological Association, showed that focusing on multiple tasks at once can take up to 40 percent of productive time. 

2. Meditate

We know, we know, you’ve heard about the benefits of meditating before. But have you tried it yet? The Huffington Post recently put out an article that stated, “A 2010 study published in Psychological Science showed that Buddhist meditation improved focus and attention on a task that was designed to be both boring and demanding.” How many tasks do you have in your week — let alone your day — that aren’t the most exciting but demand your attention? Flip on Headspace’s Guide to Meditation and thank us later. 

3. Do Something New

According to the National Institute of Aging learning a new skill works multiple areas of your brain — just like a particular exercise can target a variety of areas in your body, so try something new this week! Pick up that cross-stitch needle, buy a crossword puzzle book or download a language learning app + finally hone your French. Your brain will love it!

Tell us: Do you prioritize mental fitness?

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