3 Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer To Your Customers

Over the years we have gotten to know our Printed Minters, and if we can say one thing about you all it’s that you have ginormous hearts and love to spread holiday cheer to the people who make your business the powerhouse it is. So what can you do to make your customers smile this time of year even though you can’t bring merriment face-to-face? These are a few things we’ve seen and loved.

1. Add a Bonus Gift

Who doesn’t love to open a package and find a surprise hidden among their treasures? It doesn’t have to break the bank — just think about what your audience would smile upon finding. Perhaps a crystal, a branded matchbook with a votive candle, or a card printed with a QR code to a Spotify playlist full of jams that align with how you want people to feel when they use your products.

2. Have a Social Media Scavenger Hunt

We have seen a few companies over the years turn to Social Media Scavenger Hunts for their audience. This one can be quite a bit of work logistically, but the fun of chase is a joy to watch people take part in once the planning process is finished! Remember to encourage the audience to share on their own profiles too — this could be a great way to also spread brand awareness. 

3. Load-Up a Giftcard

This idea is simple yet so thoughtful. Load-up a Starbucks giftcard (or if you’re a brick and mortar, perhaps one to a local coffee spot that offers digital giftcards) and alert the masses using your Instagram Story or your email list. It will be a sweet surprise that benefits multiple people who need an extra caffeine boost or two.

We Want to Know: What are you doing to spread holiday cheer this year?

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