3 Ways to Spice Up Your Work Day

First things first: Did anyone else read the title and immediately sing “Spice Up Your Life” in your head? We sure hope you did and if not, please go bless yourself with the beautiful vocal stylings of the Spice Girls right now. 

Moving on… it’s Thursday, we know it’s a typically mundane day of the week — you’re likely tying-up projects, answering emails that were flagged at the beginning of the week and all around feeling more ready than ever for the weekend… with a whole other work day to go! So how can we spice up our work days to feel a little more pizazz? 

Here are three of our ideas…

1. Take a Dance Class

Used to downing a Sweetgreen salad bowl and eating in front of your computer for your lunch break? Do something different this week + try taking an online dance class with STEEZY Studio! You learn some new moves, get your blood flowing and can even learn choreography to your favorite songs. 

2. Go To The Butcher

One of our favorite ways to spice up the week is going to our favorite butcher (or cheesemonger, or farmers market stand, or bakery… etc.)  and ask what they’d recommend most in the shop right now. We then plan a flavorful feast for the senses around that meal and truly savor suppertime that night. Light candles, use fresh herbs to add extra flavor, turn on a lovely background Spotify playlist and enjoy.

3. Lace-Up Your Shoes

Lastly, we love getting in the car and driving somewhere new for our evening walks. Whether it’s going to a trail in the forest, a path by a lake or simply getting a neighborhood over it’s nice to walk in a new area and allows you to get out of your head + take in new surroundings. 

Tell us: How do you spice up the work week?

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